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A website to help us SIMPLY 'BE'

Purpose of the Game

What's the purpose of being here?

What are we meant to do with our life? Is it really our choice? Why do we choose to remain ignorant? How does following our joy help us to find our purpose? How do we uncover our true self?

Purpose of the game
Enjoying the Game of life

Optimizing enjoyment & joy in life

How do we sustain and maximise our joy? How do we use our natural talents as a child and our innate abilities? How do we realise our childhood dreams as an adult? How do we heighten our Consciousness and increase discernment.

Enjoying the Game of life
Rules of the Game

How do we play the Game of life?

What are rules of this game we are playing called 'life'? Sadly, many don’t understand the rules. To find the right path we should connect to our inner knowing and allow this knowing to flow through us.

Rules of the Game of life

A Realisation about Self

Are we more than our 3D self? This presentation explores the question of 'Who am I really?'. It suggests our true role is the observer of our thoughts and sensations. We explore how suffering can help us on our journey of growth. How do we finally become Whole again? How does the Universe help us?

The journey of Life

A contemplative meditation

This presentation utilizes subtle but powerful 'direct communication techniques'. These aim to bypass our conscious thought bases pathways. They can avoid our past conditioning & bias. This can allow a deeper understanding of ourselves & our true nature. Try watching or listening a number of times. See what insight develops.

The journey of Life
I am Enlightened

How do we win the Game of life?

Use this mantra to make a personal declaration. Choose to live the highest concept you have of your-Self. We actively affirm our autonomy and commit to living 'through the eyes' of our Enlightened Self. We deeply & humbly acknowledge to ourselves that we are Grand Beings of great Power & Ability. With this role comes equally great responsibility: to use all this wisely to the best of our ability for the betterment of all.

I am Enlightened
To BE... or not to be?

That is the QUESTION

This presentation has a very theatrical & grand title for a reason! This is a very grand and ambitious project but it does require some playfulness & presence. This presentation aims to get us into the NOW moment. Then to keep us in THE ZONE. It gives us a taste of this state and encourage us to revisit. We simply choose to BE or not to be. It is really made SO simple.

To BE... or not to be? BLOG
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