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The Truth about life as a human!

​The Truth can be SO SIMPLE, but NOT always SO EASY to accept. It can be quite a shock!

In this discussion we will present ONE MAJOR TRUTH: It concerns WHO WE REALLY ARE! Do you think you really know?

Preliminary warning & advice: It helps if you take the offered explanation very slowly. We suggest that you briefly pause & contemplate the deeper meaning, after every sentence.

To allow this truth to really sink in, it’s also important to deeply visualize what has been stated. For example, vividly imagine being in the situation described. Otherwise your Ego-mind can easily sabotage your deeper understanding of the true situation.

If you really want the deeper Truth, allow that realization and the true meaning to come through. Sit with ‘that feeling’ for a while and then read the next sentence, pause again and so on. It may help to re-read what we have just recommended.

Remember to pause, visualize and imagine every part of what you now read. If it gets too overwhelming just pause for longer or come back to it a while later. We hope you are ready to do this…

ONE TRUTH about life as a human in the 3rd dimension:


You are not even your thoughts, feelings & behaviours. THAT’S ALL JUST AN AVATAR that you utilize for A VERY HIGH-TECH GAME. Yes, it’s a very realistic & immersive experience!

This virtual reality Game is called ‘The Experience of Life’. In this holographic game, you have chosen to live as a human in the 3rd dimension on planet Earth. You utilize this Avatar as your ‘virtual body’ in this new world. It’s like a high tech ‘meat-suit’ that you ‘zip-on’, inhabit & live in for a length of time. Yes, you do get to experience ‘linear time’ and physical behaviour as it exists in the third dimension!

This Avatar comes with all the biological features such as human thoughts and emotions to enable you to really feel what it’s really like to live in the third dimension. Believe me, that’s quite sensational!

It’s cutting edge technology and is ‘as real as it gets’. As we said it’s ‘state of the art’. This latest version virtual reality holo-game comes with all the ‘most wanted’ features. But we do of course have a new upgrade in development. Just imagine, you will get to feel ‘real physical sensations’ or feelings and even experience powerful emotions. You even get to perceive duality and polarized thinking. Real extremes in thinking, feelings & emotions are all available to be experienced.

Using this Avatar, you get to partake in all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells & movement possible in the 3D Earth realm, from one human’s perspective.

Yes, you do get to experience ‘feeling separate’ & ‘competitiveness’ and exactly what that entails. That’s a real plus in this version of the Game. Otherwise without use of an Avatar that would not be possible or practical; not to mention safe.

It can get ‘very physical’ in the third dimension! We are talking about experiencing the pain & suffering of physical injury or serious disease and even death. That’s powerful emotional stuff and this virtual reality hologram includes all that! But remember, you don’t really have to worry, because you are using your Avatar as a virtual body for all that.

You can even sign up for a fast track-replacement or even experience different Avatars in succession. That will give you priority in developing a new Avatar for you, if yours is irreversibly damaged. That’s especially useful if you really want to experience much more of the scary or ‘gory bits’ of being a ‘flesh & blood’ human. You can even try ‘dying in the heat of battle’ or of some lingering ‘terminal illness’.

It’s all up to your choice and the level of difficulty you want to play at. It’s not as easy as you might first think! The facilitators also guarantee that you won’t remember your selection of choices when you actually play the Game. So, it will be much more exciting. You won’t even know what to expect!

You can even modify & create your own reality in real time as you go, using your creative imagination.

But that’s a very high-level feature which we will need to explain in much greater detail if you choose that level of sophistication & difficulty. Most players just don’t realize what they’re getting into with that one!

You could so easily get carried away with what’s happening and even forget that it’s just a Game! Some players even get ‘trapped inside the game’ and then ‘freak-out’! Some become totally addicted to just playing the Game of life. Or they identify so much with the Avatar that they become fearful of any perceived transgression against it. Then, can you imagine, they get angry or blame others; even the Game manufacturer or facilitator. So, one must therefore sign a very detailed consent form and liability waiver for that level of difficulty.

Are you interested in learning more about this Virtual Reality experience? Want to know what you can personally gain by participating? Then consider reading on to the next section.

The benefits of having this virtual experience are said to remarkable. Not only for the sheer sensation, fun & ‘thrill of the ride’ so to speak, but for the personal & spiritual growth it can trigger.

That’s why there’s quite a waiting list for those wanting to play. You can get priority if you have already demonstrated some ability in fields such as ‘openness’ and especially ‘courage’ & ‘compassion’.

Further information will be provided in the future blog posts of this series. You can also sign up free for further notifications. We will of course guard & respect your privacy.

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