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Ascension or Not? It’s Our Choice

Updated: May 1, 2019

Dec 21 2012 was never about ‘The End of the World’…That’s the stuff of Hollywood movies & the fear mongers. The Truth however is more dramatic & even more Profound! It really is SO simple! If only people would realise…

The truth however is quite profound! We will try to make it SO simple as well. This is the list of the topics or points we will cover. You can think of it as "AN ASCENSION CHECK LIST" . We hope it helps.

1. What was the hype around ‘21st Dec. 2012’?

2. What’s the True meaning & significance of that date?

3. What is ‘Ascension’ or the ‘Age of Enlightenment’?

4. What benefits does ‘Ascension’ potentially offer?

5. What do we need to ‘Do’ or change from our part?

6. Why is this special opportunity occurring now?

7. Why won’t some people change their ways?

8. What happens if we don’t listen or understand?

By just focussing on the hype & fear… or even in ignoring it or cleverly debunking it… we totally miss the point!

‘Dec 21 2012’ was instead a unique invitation for us to change our whole way of being & functioning… to a new level of higher Consciousness. WE are being ‘assisted’ energetically. But will we listen & really understand?

The classic response of Hype, Fear, Denial and Cleverness are all representations or ‘symbols’ of an Old Era. That was the old way of looking at & doing things. The very crude but accepted ways of ‘viewing’ our World. But they now belong to an old Era… The one we’ve now officially left. Let’s hope we don’t cling to that too long.

But what’s the alternative?

The alternative is of course exactly ‘the point’ we’ve missed, for so long! It’s Our Higher Selves! It was there in the background of Human Consciousness and NOW is to be granted its full and rightful role. That’s what this New Era is really about. Some call it ‘Ascension’ to a ‘higher way of being’ or a new ‘operating system’. Others call it the ‘Golden Age’, the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ or the ‘New Age’ and so on. Astrologers call it the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It’s a new Era of RAISED PERSONAL AWARENESS & CONSCIOUSNESS.

It’s a chance to live from a higher Awareness & with a different Mind-set… NOT the old way!

It’s an opportunity to still be OF the physical world, yet potentially FREE of attachment to it. Hence to experience much less Fear & Suffering and much more Joy, Love & Bliss.

With this New Epoch or ‘Paradigm’ we supposedly get a more balanced & much higher spectrum of feelings & emotions to explore. More Joy, Love, Bliss & even some ecstatic feelings can then enter our lives. Plus we get less extreme emotional swings & more Harmony, Balance & Ease. This is a New Era of ‘higher Vibration’, ‘positive Energy’ & Grand Potentials.

But how do we actually achieve this?

There is apparently nothing we specially have to learn or do! …But there might be some UNLEARNING required & becoming MORE OPEN to change. But it’s mostly a matter of just TUNING IN. All we have to ‘do’ is be open enough to ALLOW this ‘new frequency’ in:

-To first just let down those ‘old defences’!

-To reduce our ‘rational’, intellectual & philosophical blocks.

-To invite & allow this uplifting Vibration to flow in!

-To just stop resisting the change!

But where does this New Energy come from & why now?

Let’s not make this Energy explanation too long or technical. Those that want all the technical details of the Earth’s long ‘processional cycle’ & ‘Earth’s current alignment with the galactic equatorial plane’, can Google those words. If however we just dismiss all this as false, without first exploring it with an open mind, then it may be harder to accept the premise.

Let’s just say that in the many grand ‘astrological cycles’ in our Galaxy, Earth's trajectory is now at a critical ‘change-over’ point: The Galactic-equator. It’s one which allows us unique access to a higher cosmic energy field. Earth is passing through this field right now. It’s not the notorious ‘photon belt’ but a unique ‘stream’ of ‘void energy’ emanating out from the galactic core. It’s just part of a grand Cosmic and Galactic cycle. We can however opportunistically & energetically tap into this. We can allow this new Energy & frequency to pervade & uplift us. Or we can deny all this & try to resist. The choice is up to us!

What will we choose?

The majority of people on this planet DO want a change from the old violent ways of war, terrorism, conflict & abuse. They don’t want more Fear & Insecurity. They yearn for an alternative & more lasting way of conflict resolution, with more Cooperation, Harmony & Good-will.

Some might cling to their limited or rigid ‘world view’ of how this might be accomplished.

A few however will be so cynical or self-righteous that almost nothing will dissuade them that any dramatic change is possible. That has become their chief personality or identity. There will be a place for them on this ‘New Earth’ too, but only temporarily! Let’s explore why this might be so…

The vibrational output or ‘energetic frequency’ of the New Earth will be much higher than that of the old. More cosmic energy is being ‘inputted’ or incoming to Earth as discussed. It’s increasing with Earth’s current galactic alignment and trajectory. Those humans persisting with an older ‘operating system’ of ‘lower frequency or vibration’ will find themselves increasing compromised and alienated. They will then adopt the new operating system or have to exit this new vibrational level of reality. For all in our Universe is energy & vibration at different frequencies. Vibrational compatibility determines our continued physical existence. That’s a Universal law.

Consider this scenario… The Earth's energetic input & subsequent vibration is raising. It can take us along with it for a wonderful ride into a new higher spectrum of experience. Or we can try to reject it all…To even refuse this explanation or some possibility of it.

But if the energy input & vibrational ‘temperature’ keeps rising, unless we adapt to it & embrace it, we’re likely to really get ‘cooked’ or ‘fried’.

The needed adaption this time round will just not be a biological one but one of ‘higher order behaviour’ or ‘higher Consciousness’. Perhaps it’s the next step in our evolution as a human species. …A more ‘spiritual’ or Consciousness evolution. We know what became of the Dinosaurs. Then again we have don’t actually ‘blame them’ for not adapting. We even remember them somewhat fondly. I guess that’s how it will be for some of us humans. It really is SO simple.

So it might just be time to upgrade our operating system or at least being open to that possibility. We might indeed have to discuss that option a little more… & quite soon!

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