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Connecting to our higher-Self isn’t always easy!

Connection with our true inner-Self might be SIMPLE, but it’s not always EASY to do.

Inner connection can provide remarkable insight & intuitive capacity.

Why then wouldn’t we all just do it, or at least try? Very few adults however seem to function that way in daily life. What’s the reason for this? What’s the catch?

CATCH ONE is our childhood social conditioning.

Our early educational programming has strongly inhibited this natural tendency. Our educational system has self-validated a new ‘logical’ & linear way of thinking. We have become so convinced of its efficiency & superiority! This has become the human mind’s overriding control system.

Our Ego-mind now no longer believes that anything else is of real value! Departing from thought-based logic no longer seems in our best interests! That wouldn’t be scientific or even rational would it? That’s what we now strongly believe! It seems very inefficient, risky or even highly dangerous. So, we actively resist anything else. That’s our new conditioned mind set!

Because of long-standing disuse, many adults no longer believe they have a grand or true inner-aspect. We are also discouraged from trying to connect to this realm and are often humiliated if we try. So many years of upbringing and formal ‘education’ have had their toll: their inhibitory effect. We have forgotten how easy it was to reconnect to our innermost self as a young child!

To overcome this, we could however restart this process. It was once ‘second nature’ to us as a child. We would now need to re-learn & practice it. This does however seem manageable & doable. Is there now any another hurdle or ‘catch’ that we would need to overcome?

CATCH TWO is the increased demands and stress of our new adult life.

These not only distract us; they actively inhibit that inner-reconnection process. It was generally much easier to live & function as a young child! Especially with regards managing our expectations & level of responsibility. Now as an adult there is more pressure to overextend ourselves and overcommit. Our culture & media even promotes this! This is the inner-stress of societal expectation. Add to this our daily external life-stresses. We live in a fear-filled culture with a high level of anxiety & worry. All this makes our inner reconnection harder still. This ongoing distraction further inhibits the now mostly forgotten art of reconnecting with our innermost-Self.

As alluded to before, as a child, the initiation of this inner-connection took almost no effort and little practice. It’s was that SIMPLE & mostly spontaneous…we just allowed it to happen! So, what’s the solution? What can we do now, as an adult?

Because we are now thoroughly conditioned to think rationally, we usually ask a logical question... If there's some problem, we search for some logical answer and strategy to solve it. Wouldn’t you agree? But that's the next trap or ‘catch 3’ in this current series!

CATCH THREE is we can’t use logical thinking to make this inner connection.

That’s unfortunately a big hurdle! We have been thoroughly taught to think logically & rationally. But even thinking deeply, wisely or radically can’t trigger or initiate this inner connection. We can never use ANY type of thinking to get there! Plus, no one else can ever make us do it, or do it for us!

That seems like an insurmountable problem! There is nothing our thought-based mind can do! THINKING ITSELF IS THE PROBLEM! To overcome this, we must actively bypass our thinking-mind and use another ‘strategy’. We must bypass thinking altogether! This might seem risky! It leads to a related hurdle which we term ‘catch 4’

CATCH FOUR is ‘self-sabotage’!

We do this because we fear the consequences of this change. We begin to subtly damage or sabotage our efforts to bypass our established thought-based control system. We secretly oppose making an inner connection and ‘losing control’. We secretly fear this!

Through formal education, our conditioned mind no longer believes changing our mind’s control strategy is really in our best interest. In fact, it now strongly believes our entire physical survival depends on thinking rationally. Any alternative seems illogical, irrational and even insane! The Ego-mind will sometimes ‘intellectually play along’ with the charade or pretence of trying a NON-thought-based strategy. But only to prove that it is right! It’s still subtly stays in control that way, just in a different guise.

The Ego-mind feels it must win at all costs, even if it needs to cheat to do so! It feels it’s imperative that we stay with rational thought-based reasoning. Our survival is at stake! It logically discourages us and even subtly sabotages any attempt to do otherwise. It ‘thinks’ or reasons it’s doing all that for our own good! That’s seems well-intentioned but it’s very sinister! It’s like an Artificially Intelligent (AI) computer that’s gone rogue. It’s however all done with subterfuge & great cunning. We call this mind-based obstruction ‘self-sabotage’. Because it's often done subconsciously it can be very hard to detect.

DESPITE all these potential hurdles or ‘CATCHES’, there is still A SIMPLE WAY to succeed! We can still as an adult, reconnect to our true inner-nature: our ‘higher’ Self. It doesn't matter if we have haven’t done this in a long while or since childhood. Yes, if we are ‘out of practice’ or ‘rusty ’in this regard, it will however take more effort. The more we practice the easier it gets! We can lead you through one such strategy, as an example. But remember, we cannot convince you to make that inner-connection or do it for you. It requires both your ‘free-will’ choice and your ‘full intention’ to do so. If you are interested in trying this and want to try overcoming the 4 ‘catches’ described above, one such option is presented in the very next general blog post of this series.

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