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About our MESSAGE - What’s it all mean?

What’s the ‘MESSAGE’ all about? What does it really MEAN? It’s somewhat like asking the perennial question… “What’s the MEANING of life? …The answer really depends on us!

It’s OUR individual perspective or view point that determines the meaning. It even depends on the Meaning we place on that word ‘meaning’. So the answer will be different for each of us! For we all have a different View Point on ‘all that is’. We all view Life from a different Perspective, Level & Dimension of AWARENESS. Some say that eventually we will have the opportunity to view it ALL from every Level and in our own unique way! But first (or even concurrently) let’s get back to the question at hand!

We’re enquiring about the MEANING OF this website & it’s MESSAGE. Let’s narrow down the original term ‘meaning’ to ‘purpose’…What’s the Purpose of the web-site & it’s Message? The question is still remarkably like ‘what’s the Purpose of life?’ So when you have all worked that answer out…Well done! Just apply that equally to this website. We do like to Dream BIG here! But actually we are teasing, just a bit. It really is SO simple!

From our SO Simple viewpoint… the Purpose of life (with a little ‘l’) is simply ‘Growth’. It’s ‘expansion of Consciousness’ in more precise terms. This Expansion or ‘development’ of Consciousness can of course encompass Love & Joy, or just the opposite! The Ultimate Purpose of LIFE (with a capital ‘L’) is to Experience Growth through Joy. But it really IS our choice here! WE do have the free-will to choose! We often just don’t realize it! Or we don’t yet know how to actualize this choice. That’s where this web-site can help!

So is the REASON for the website just ‘growth & joy’?

Well, we are not just talking about physical growth or even the expansion of Influence! We aim to promote the Growth & Expansion of Consciousness itself… for all those who really want it. For those that actively CHOOSE this particular avenue! That’s what ‘our message’ is primarily about. That’s the core or ‘philosophical reason’ behind the website.

We certainly do intend to deliver our MESSAGE with as much Joy as possible. Plus with as much Fun, Play and Creative expression as we can!

But like finding our ‘MEANING in Life’…we all will experience a different ‘flavour’. So it really IS up to us… as to what experience we get out of this program. It’s SO simple!

As in life, we can just ‘analyse everything’ mentally, or just react subconsciously! That’s all called ‘Reacting’ to our apparent situation. We ‘do all that’ mostly out of thought-based mind! That’s usually how most people ‘live’!

We could instead ‘just’ Experience ‘what is’. To ALLOW ourselves purely to RESPOND from the deepest ‘heart-felt’ level of Self, that we can. That is often called ‘just Be-ing’ or ‘Being-ness’. To ‘purely exist’ or ‘Be’ as our True or innermost Self’. To be fully Present not only in the Moment, but deep within ‘the Now’! To be both the Fullness & the Essence of what we truly are. This will certainly all sound too complicated, ‘impossible’ or ‘totally impractical’, if we attempt this from our ‘rational’ or thinking-mind. Our logical mind will conclude that it’s ‘all a dream’ or ‘just a fairy tale’!

This preamble brings us to ‘The PRACTICAL PURPOSE’ of this WEB-SITE & its MESSAGE: To help TURN that DREAM of ‘Ascension in Consciousness’ INTO REALITY. It’s turning that mind-based ‘impossibility’ or complex ‘intellectual pursuit’ into Reality itself. That’s a whole New Paradigm to Experience… It’s ‘Reality’ with a much bigger ‘R’. Finally seeing our limited world or ‘our illusion’ (produced by our mind-Matrix) for what it truly is!

However, ALL THIS can NOT be achieved in a DIFFICULT or ‘intellectual way’. It can ONLY be done SIMPLY! That’s the ‘true Secret’ or ‘master Key’ to our Liberation, if we must use such loaded terms. It’s done purely & simply ‘without even trying’! It is achieved without the need to learn or do anything new’. So it’s much more an Accepting & Allowing, than a ‘doing’. It requires no thought-based desire, want or need. In fact these are all a hindrance.

So perhaps the ‘fun purpose’ of this web-site is to really DO NOTHING CONVENTIONALLY! More correctly it’s to invite others to ‘do nothing’ (in a conventional sense) to profoundly change everything for the better! What could be easier than that?

But THIS is probably ‘the hardest thing’ most people can ever Allow. …To simply let themselves ‘Be’. To be as One & fully at Peace, with ALL that we truly are.

No website, teacher or program can ever DO this all for us. WE ourselves must gently INVITE & ALLOW IN ‘This Experience’ or ‘New Way’ of Operating.

The saving grace is that this ‘New Operating System’ or ‘New Paradigm’ of living is NOT REALLY NEW TO US.

We have just forgotten about it! Forgotten how to use it! We’ve always had this innate capacity! It just needs to be restarted & reactivated! That might even be SO simple?

Maybe could figuratively be seen as ‘a re-boot button’ or master switch on a computer. The new operating system is hidden, but is already installed. It just needs us to symbolically ‘push the start button’ and then be open & trusting enough to try a completely new operating system!

But there’s just a slight catch! This figurative ‘reset-button’ or POWER ON BUTTON doesn’t work mechanically. It can’t even be activated by ‘doing anything’ in the more practical sense. It only TURNS ON and REMAINS TURNED ON through HOLDING a certain ‘Feeling’ or ‘Vibration’. Some term it as ‘having a particular Knowingness’. It’s like knowing how to ‘tune in’ to a favourite radio station & remain on that frequency or ‘channel’. We just KNOW how to find it when we want. But in THIS case we don’t even have to learn anything mechanical or even intellectual. It’s SO advanced and SO simple that we only have to ALLOW it… to just let it ALL happen.

As another analogy, it’s somewhat like using a wireless remote control switch. But it operates directly from ‘our intention’. This ‘Intention’ doesn’t come from our subconscious mind or even our conscious thoughts. Instead the ‘control’ or Direction comes directly from ‘the Heart’, our true innermost nature!

If we could just allow this, ‘what a ride’ we would experience, as the saying goes. Living & Creating everything that our Heart desires!

What could be simpler or more elegant than this? …A system that senses all our intuitive needs simultaneously and responds instantly. A ‘Heart-based’ or ‘heart-directed’ operating system!

This system is said to work faster than the speed of light. It works at ‘the speed of Intention’, which is supposedly faster than the speed of conventional human thought & even that of light. But let’s not get caught up in technicality. And let’s not rush off into practicing ‘bi-location’ or ‘inter-dimensional travel’ just yet!

We still have ‘the training-wheel stage’ to go through! Remember, we might feel quite hesitant in operating or trying ‘our new bike’. But having ridden one before, even a long time ago, we will get the hang of it all again…and relatively quickly. We might just be ‘a bit wobbly’ for a while!

So perhaps we can also think of as a ‘safe training ground’ for this early ‘bike-riding’ or operational practice.

We trust this web-site will also truly ‘INSPIRE at a very deep level’: To invite a ‘triggering’ of our ‘own Process’, that of inner re-Connection. To allow the full expression of what we already are! Once this Union has been sufficiently sampled, it becomes an unstoppable Urge & Drive… for Wholeness and Completion.

Just what has ‘blocked us’ or ‘sabotaged’ us before? Our Ego & Subconscious conditioning was a major factor! By utilizing multiple natural techniques to bypass or minimize this, we can however increase our level of success dramatically. But we still have to achieve all this ourselves! But now more than ever it can be SO simple!

It’s just that we’re NOW more able to call on our own inner-most abilities for help. Why not utilize a huge higher-Capacity that’s ‘tailor made’ for us?

We trust you enjoyed hearing more about the Message and its Purpose.

We believe that after using the web-site for a while, you’ll agree that it’s not really ‘hard work’. It’s not even ‘real work’, but actually more like Fun, Play & Creative expression. True ‘success’ can really be SO simple!

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