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About our SLOGAN - A website to help us to SIMPLY 'BE’

What’s the slogan mean? What does it mean to SIMPLY 'BE'? Why would that be of great benefit or any use at all? This blog addresses these questions. This discussion continues from the previous blog titled ‘About our WEBSITE – What does it do?’

To ‘SIMPLY BE’ means reconnecting to our true nature. To JUST BE our authentic and Sovereign self. To be free of other controls such as our EGO or the thought-based mind. We can achieve this any time we bypass our Ego-mind, even if only for a few moments. If we can somehow distract our Ego, or keep it preoccupied elsewhere!

This reconnection to our Greater SELF, although initially temporary, can feel quite profound & even blissful! This can range from a subtle feeling of inner peace to a sudden ‘flash of knowing’ or Realization. It may even feel like something we can’t quite categorize…but somehow, we know we’ve been deeply changed.

Nothing ever seems the same again… We have glimpsed our own grand-nature or ‘god-self’. This is what we truly are, at our essence! This website could trigger such an event in the viewer, but more likely it will aid or encourage this process to occur later...

Reconnection with the higher Self can occur in different settings. It can be as vivid as a ‘near death experience’, or more commonly a gentle feeling of heightened Awareness or Clarity. It may occur anywhere! This may occur on our death-bed, but more often while in Nature or at some Artistic performance. It may occur while viewing the content of this website. Or this may happen subsequently, while doing routine chores or even when day-dreaming.

This REUNION is characteristically a deep Knowing, Awareness & Inner Connection. Often there’s the feeling of a ‘loving Presence’ or a ‘warm Embrace’.

The Ego has dropped its guard long enough for us to ‘sample’ what we truly are. We get to feel our natural State & our true Reality! Our thought-based mind has worked hard to maintain the alternate false scenario. That’s our ‘usual life situation’ or ‘life Matrix’. It’s our illusory reality…

Our Ego creates a reality-matrix out of all the false beliefs, bias & habits we’ve been conditioned with. Our family, associates & society in general share much the same view. They all contribute to this special holo-gram: our ‘virtual reality’. It’s the ‘mass illusion’ or ‘false reality’ that we really SEEM to exist in. We usually refuse to believe anything else could exist!

On the positive side this Holo-Game is a safe playground. It’s where we can experience ‘suffering’ or ‘the absence of love’, without really get hurt. After all, it’s only a virtual existence! In this 3D or 4D Matrix we are the Avatars. We take on a role…

In this Matrix or Holo-Game our human bodies are merely ‘the vessels’ or act as puppets. It’s our Higher-selves, who actually play that Game. Eventually, through trial and error, we get to understand what we set out to ‘learn’ or experience! It’s a cutting edge high-tech experience…

Believe it or not, we all willingly signed up for this ultimate virtual-reality holographic learning-experience. We probably didn’t appreciate the full implication of the contract!

It probably told us: ‘It’s so realistic & engaging, you will swear it is REAL!’ That was SO true! We were not able to tell the difference and we became totally lost… in the Holo-Game.

That’s what this website is ‘all about’! Understanding the Rules of the Holo-Game. How to really start living this life. How to play ‘the Game of Life’ to the full!

It really is SO SIMPLE. The answer is simply TO BE OUR TRUE SELF... To SIMPLY BE. This process is explained on the website in the form of Videos, Gallery presentations, written discussion & so on.

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