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About our NAME -

Updated: May 14, 2019

What’s in a name? What’s in OUR name?

It’s really is SO simple… but it’s also SO subtle & SO subliminal!OUR NAME is important to us. It’s OUR BANNER to the outer world & also OUR SIGNAL to YOUR personal inner world.

A name or symbol can convey SO MUCH, particularly if it’s constantly there in the background acting as a subliminal message. But we all ought to be very careful of what we are exposed to… overtly & subliminally.

If the subtle or hidden message is positive, uplifting or beneficial, then it can be of considerable benefit.

It could by-pass our past Social Conditioning and even avoid our Ego defence-mechanism & Bias-filters to work some ‘inner-magic’.

It could raise ‘our vibration’ & cause us to question more deeply…to become MORE AWARE of all around us. It could even inspire us to ‘think laterally’ or ‘out of the box’. Even to be more Creative in a fun & playful way.

Such is the potential benefit of POSITIVE subliminal messages. That is our Aim & our Dream in offering you the website and even the SoSimple name.

But how might this positive subliminal ‘inner magic’ work? Have you any ideas? …

Let’s start with the SO SIMPLE name itself…

In the positive sense, the word ‘simple’ implies CLARITY & EASE. It’s something NOT COMPLICATED & NOT COMPLEX. This is what our ‘inner most Self’ knows is likely to be RIGHT or CORRECT. It’s ‘familiar territory’ for our higher Mind.

TRUTH can be expressed so simply.

The Ego-mind in contrast ‘loves’ Complexity, Struggle and overcoming technical Challenges.

Thus the term ‘SO simple’ CALLS out LOUDLY to our Truth based innermost-Self (our True-Self or higher-Self).

Meanwhile, our Ego ‘turns aside’. It ‘turns away’, at least for a while. It’s less interested in simplicity! It favours complexity & high intellect as its prime ‘playing ground’ or ‘battle field’.

Even with the toughest of Ego-defences, a SOS (EMERGENCY) MESSAGE to HOME can get through SUBLIMINALLY, given a subtle but persistent background exposure. ‘SOS’ is an internationally known emergency signal or code, signifying the urgent need for assistance. It’s an abbreviation of the historical term ‘Save Our Souls’. In the current context, the SOS call is of course a metaphor, a figure of speech.

Energetically, the Emergency SOS call for ‘higher assistance’ has however been sent.

We have sent this ‘call for assistance’ automatically from the Heart-felt quality of our Experience here on Earth.

It’s our Heart-felt desire & intent. That’s our automatic distress beacon.

What many don’t realize is that this emergency SOS CALL is also TO OUR SELVES…to our inner-most Self! OUR ‘inner spark’ flickers and bursts into light!

We are now AWAKENING & AWARE, communicating directly with our core-Being.

This inner-Core is the soul-Essence of what we truly are. It’s our True Nature!

This DIRECT COMMUNICATION is a two way path!

Our innermost nature or ‘Soul-Self’ wants to voice its profound WISDOM & KNOWING…

…It has been unheard or ignored for so long. Our ‘clever’ Ego-Mind has made sure of that!

‘In case of emergency, dire straits or realized deep need… CALL HOME!’

…That was the BACK-UP PLAN, the SOS fail-safe mechanism so deeply imprinted in our being. It was SoSimple and yet clearly (as in the web-site name it was there all along!

NOW is the chance to BREAK-FREE from the limitation and barriers of the Ego… Those self-imposed rules & logic supposedly instigated for our survival & benefit!

SO that’s our current DIRE SITUATION…

WE HAVE REALIZED the Ego-based thinking mind was really OUR OPPONENT & our virtual PRISON.

It’s not the friend & safe-haven it pretended to be for so long. Yet the Ego’s hold on us is really SO TENUOUS & SO FRAGILE.

A few SIMPLE words can even start to BREAK-DOWN this ILLUSION… It’s really SO SIMPLE.

Our inner-Self or Soul-Self is a formidable force for good & greatness. Once awoken & sufficiently engaged, nothing can stand in its way for long. The Ego would simply be re-assigned to the menial & automated tasks it was meant for…but in a Loving way!

No wonder the Ego will desperately fight for its superiority & control, using any means it can. It’s SO scared…It does not as yet understand unconditional Love.

That critical Ego-voice is at work in us right now, plotting to undermine our potential Autonomy. Can you hear it or sense or feel it?

…It does not want our True Authentic Nature to surface. It has fought hard for control and will continue to fight right to the end. Fighting & scheming is its forte. The Ego-mind only respects superior strength & ability! It originates from the reptilian part of our brain.

The greatest strength & creative ability however comes out of Universal Love.

This is the superior power we need to summon. This is what will bring the Ego back into line.

Loving kindness can forgive the Ego-mind, heal it, rehabilitate it and fully reincorporate it back into the Universal whole. Such is the incredible Power of Love & this higher ‘Light’.

So many of us are scarred and exhausted from this ‘battle’. We are sick of the Suffering and the Limitation of our virtual Prison. We have been encircled, besieged & held as hostage.

FINALLY we sent out the CALL, our message to HOME. An urgent SOS request for higher order REINFORCEMENTS has been sent. We need SUPERIOR MORAL STRENGTH (Love, Compassion & Wisdom) to convince our surrounding ‘enemy’ to cease & desist. How might this manifest?

Only without our current level of Fear & Separateness can we be truly victorious & forgiving.

The ‘victory’ will come not out of some battle or conflict but out of an invincible force field of Love & Compassion.

The Energy of Unconditional Love is the only permanent solution. All else is just a temporary fix.

These simple words and the SOSimple name itself reflect this SOS call for such HIGHER ORDER QUALITIES as ‘REINFORCEMENTS’.

… It’s a profound spiritual call to our True ‘inner’ or ‘higher’ nature…our greater & grander aspect. That’s the part that we have become so separated from and hence seem all alone.

To recap…

WE are NOT conceding defeat. Nor are we seeking RESCUE by strangers, but simply rallying help from within our own wider ranks.

WE are NOT intending to enact revenge on our opponents, but instead to offer them rehabilitation.

We were the ‘advance scouts’ who bravely engaged a formidable unknown ‘enemy’. We have learnt their tactics. We now know how to engage them and possibly could even help in rehabilitating them and returning them to the fold!

Our great lesson was to do this non-violently, through the Power of unconditional Love.

To make all this a win-win situation, for ALL concerned, even our prior opponents!

Then if we can, to then incorporate our supposed enemy into our greater Being.

To help transform that Darkness, into the Light & to rejoice in this transmutation. For so many of us also carry this dark aspect within ourselves. With this valuable experience & knowledge we have earned the right to COME HOME to our own greater FAMILY.

We yearn to return ALL Souls here to a gentler & kinder way of Be-ing.

In Summary…

This is a brave SOS we are signalling. This is no white flag. We are not surrendering. Nor are we advocating retribution and the destruction of our opponent’s souls.

We signal and call for ALL SOULS TO BE SAVED on BOTH SIDES of the apparent conflict. That is OUR PROUD SOS.

This SOS call is most especially the ‘rally cry’ to our own vast inner resources… to help summon our deepest strength & moral spirit.

We no longer see any part of ourselves or others as separate. The total and complete us, includes our perceived enemies.

We no longer see separateness, conflict and control as a viable option. Fear and suffering, is becoming increasingly abhorrent. Anger & hatred will hopefully become some historical artefact.

In Conclusion…

That ONENESS of all (individually and together) IS who we really are. From the close vantage point of dire experience, WE now understand this much more clearly.

So that was our mission, our experience & our Journey. For so long it had appeared too confusing, too difficult. In the end it was really SO SIMPLE.

WE trust that either Directly or through this website, or any other means, you too may come to appreciate this perspective….

May your journey towards the Light, be as Grand as you can possibly imagine & envision…


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