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About our LOGO - what's it all about?

Updated: May 14, 2019

Is it just too simple, too subtle & even too ‘bland’! Could a visual symbol like this actually ‘affect us’, or convey some hidden meaning?

What if we realized that Symbols are a powerful form of nonverbal communication? We all encounter them many times, every day, without seeming to notice much. What if we knew they were ‘talking’ directly to our subconscious mind! Would we then look at them differently?

Symbols & symbolic images are what our thinking mind really deals with! Language is just an extension. It’s useful, but is a more superficial layer of meaning. Language is the construct required to convert ‘Primal’ or Symbol meaning into spoken & written words. ‘Symbolic Meaning’ or ‘Symbolic Images’ are the real essence of what we want to convey! That’s if we really want to ‘get to the core’ of the Communication.

These Symbols or Images go directly to our inner Core! They go to our ‘Heart’ or ‘deeper nature’. They bypass our brain-based Ego defences & biases. They are so Primal & Powerful! Are you getting the message? If I showed you a Symbol or ‘Picture’ instead… you really would ‘get it’! That Image or Picture would be ‘worth a thousand words’!

We might now realize that symbols or ‘classic images’ are all around us. From the ubiquitous MacDonald’s arches to the subtle shape of a Coca Cola bottle. It’s all having an influence on us & usually without us realizing! That’s the great potential of Symbolism. It also has grand ‘beauty and power’ if used wisely, for the greater Good!

What then about the Logo?

It’s an abstract or symbolic representation of ‘A Journey’… Our Life Journey! Like a winding path, ever heading towards a golden sun set. Or is that Path towards a bright sun-rise… A new dawn instead?

The Sun can represent our ‘higher Source’. It can symbolize the Oneness we seek & want to reconnect to. The Wholeness we yearn to merge with & become ONE with again. For perhaps we are the Traveller on that winding road?

On the website the Logo (& Sun) symbolically ‘rises’ prior to each new segment. You’ll probably notice this now that it’s been pointed out. This signifies ‘new cycles of opportunity’ available for us to Explore, Experience and Co-create with.

Most importantly in the Logo, ‘the path’ and the Sun merge into one. The path becomes a very significant part of the Sun or the Whole. Yet each still retains a unique identity. That’s another ‘Greater’ or Symbolic representation.

In the Logo, the ‘transparent nature’ or ‘cut-out’ style of The Path (the symbolic Journey) is very subtle. We have to look carefully to notice it. But inwardly it’s quite ‘challenging’ & subconsciously ‘confronting’. It leaves our rational mind unsettled… without any ‘real’ or ‘fixed’ background reference. Our Thinking Mind craves that ‘solidity & certainty’!

Even the retinal ‘after image’ left ‘in the brain’ after viewing this Logo works much the same way! We then subliminally glimpse our everyday world THROUGH this powerful after-image. No wonder this is ‘a confronting design’ to our subconscious mind! It’s a sharp reminder or ‘wake-up’ call! Our life-journey or PATH is similarly TRANSPARENT. Our personal ‘view of life’ or ‘world view’ then becomes our Path!

What about the colours & shapes found in the Logo. Most will recognize the important OMEGA symbol, which of course symbolizes completion. To the right on the early Path is a ‘curved wing’ or returning ‘boomerang’ that represents the often painful Karmic part of our learning. Further along the path to the left is the simple letter ‘b’. This represents the higher phase of our Journey…learning to ‘be Present ‘, to just ‘Be’ in the Now.

The ‘dusky rose’ back-ground is also significant. It might however be fun for OTHERS to ‘work out’ even more symbolic meaning & subconscious effects. So we will leave some things unexplained for the time being, and offer viewers the challenge of uncovering more as they view the website.

We are truly grateful to the Logo’s creator for that brilliant work. It was truly inspired, co-created and meant for a ‘higher Purpose’. The artist probably didn’t fully realize all the deep symbolism this image can convey. But that’s the beauty of ‘Grand co-Creation’! The wider Purpose and greater Potential is then left ‘in the capable hands’ of a much higher Power.

On first inspection the Logo may just look simple! But after a few viewings, or even a hundred, it still conveys a powerful inner ‘prompt’. It’s one which we really do need! Thankfully it’s one we don’t readily tire of!

…So our Logo is clearly more than ‘just simple’. It’s ‘powerfully simple’ or ‘SO simple’ as we regularly like to say! It symbolically reminds us of our True Role & our Grand Purpose.

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