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About our WEBSITE - What does it do?

Updated: May 14, 2019

The first question about the website is often: ‘What is it meant to do?’. The thought-based mind desperately wants to categorize or ‘pigeon-hole’.

But in this case it's more like asking what’s ‘a sunset’ or a ‘Picasso painting’ supposed to do…

Some things confront us or engage us unconventionally. They challenge the role of our logical & rational mind.

This website aims to ‘talk to’ or appeal to another part of us. It’s a side we may have forgotten about or just ignored. Therefore being ‘reminded’ in this way can be unsettling, confronting, or even disturbing…for the Ego!

Our rational-mind will ask… What does this website DO? The Ego will struggle to find an acceptable answer! It needs a clever retort to help downplay the powerful emotions arising from within. The Ego however has no real authority over the Heart or that domain. It realizes that its true worth & limited value is being exposed!

So, the Ego comes up with a cunning plan: To use a misleading ‘label’!

It cunningly picks one that will devalue or demean our inner heart-based feelings. That way, the Ego can appear in control! It does this by reviewing our prior social conditioning. There it finds our personal bias to use against us! For example, in the case of the ‘Picasso painting’ it might attach a bias-label of: ‘it’s just art’, or perhaps ‘it’s just modern art’.

These demeaning labels increasingly fail in today’s intelligent & progressive society. The Ego then resorts to secondary back-up labels. These might include the more ‘suspect classifications’ or labels of… ‘it’s just fantasy’, ‘mere fiction’ or perhaps ‘science-fiction’. Other ‘derogatory labels’ could be that it’s just… TOO academic, theoretical, metaphysical or philosophical.

Despite practicing this effective strategy, the Ego-mind still encounters occasional problems of control.

This is especially so when encountering the unexpected, or the unclassifiable… can fall into those ‘too difficult’ categories’ for the Ego-mind! It’s not quite Art, Fiction or Metaphysics & so on! The website does NOT propose to be academic, theoretical or even strictly philosophical. In fact, it promotes itself as quite the opposite… being SO simple, by name, design & intent!

Simplicity is NOT the domain of the Ego-mind nor its forte.

It loves mental complexity where it can weave its mind games and cast its traps!

So what recourse does the Ego have? It’s at a loss… in a double bind! It can either take down its guard or continually bind up its mental resources! Either way, WE as Sovereign beings can WIN. At least for a while! But what do we win back?

With the Ego predominantly ‘out of the way’ or ‘otherwise preoccupied’ our true ‘Sovereign Self’ is temporarily freed from domination or control.

What a reunion that can be! We finally get to ‘meet’ our own true Self. We temporarily feel ‘whole again’. We get to sample our own true nature. It really is SO Simple. This website could trigger such an event in the viewer, but more likely it will support this process gradually.

So, if our Ego wants a technical answer, perhaps that’s what the website aims to do. To help us find our real Self! So, we can BE our true Self. This can all be SO SIMPLE once we know how. Hence the website’s name

Further discussion on ‘reconnecting to our true nature’ continues in the next blog post on the web-site. It’s located in the ‘About’ section, titled ‘About our SLOGAN - A website to help us SIMPLY BE’.


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